Leigh A. Neithardt

I went to The National Museum of American History this morning.

It’s closing on 9/4 until the summer of 2008! EEEP! It’s my favorite museum, and is a sanctuary of sorts…I have a lot of fond memories of going there with friends, family, by myself…sigh

Anyway, there are pictures posted.

First things first, I went upstairs to see the ruby slippers. ๐Ÿ™‚ Of course. Resisted the urge to give my informative lecture.
Ah, the shoes….Every time I see them, I remember each visit I’ve made to them previously, some of which have been quite special. Not everyone gets to go with me to see the shoes.

I took a picture of a young couple and their son standing in front of the Swedish Chef and Rizzo who have been newly ensconced nearby. Pic came out great on the first shot. Yay me!

After leaving, I headed over to the NMNH and got a ladybug cookie. $4.35, which is what it used to cost me to ride into NYC…hehe. Well worth it, though.

Saw the [likely-]Chimpy-toting Marine One and company fly overhead. Ick.

This week is shaping up to be crazy, but good….Possibly going to a meditation class finally, one or two other things I’ll post about if there’s something to report, and maybe hanging out in the garden with the furry critters.

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